ViVOtech and Apple Pay?

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Well, last night I was sitting in my living room, doing some Marketing work on my laptop between innings of the second game of the 2014 World Series. While trying to concentrate on some creative writing, I couldn’t help but overhear a new commercial for MasterCard and Apple Pay. I looked up at the TV screen, and to my amazement, saw a product that I had worked on as a project manager at ViVOtech. It was a product called the VP4800. It is a stand-mounted NFC-enabled reader that can now talk with the newly-released iPhone 6. Well, I am wondering if it really works with the unit. ViVOtech went bankrupt at least a year ago, Apple Pay is a new payments system, and the iPhone 6 just was released a few weeks ago. Does the entire system really and truly work together, or is is just a “prop” being used to suggest how the future might look if devices like the ViVOtech reader were to be used? Very fascinating, if you’ve been connected with this company in the past. Will have to call some old colleagues and see if I can find out anything.

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